Create a Logo for a Travel agency for tours in Arctic Regions with a lot of PolarLight Watching.

Background information for make Logo

Polarfuchs Hoch X 250x300 Create a Logo for a Travel agency for tours in Arctic Regions with a lot of PolarLight Watching.

Winner Logo by olimpio

Name to incorporate in the logo

Polarfuchs Hoch X

Slogan to incorporate in the logo

Maybe to add if it fits the Logo: Reiseagentur

Description of the organization and its target audience

Welcome to our heart-project!

We looking for a design for our travel agency named „Polarfuchs Hoch X“ which is translated in english „Polarfox high X“.

Why this name?:

We choose this name with the Fox, because we offer mainly guided tours in the Arctic Regions.
Because we love the Northern Light we will offer a lot of tours for seeing it.
So there is an ancient (and for us inspiring) story in Lapland, were they tell, that the polar fox creates the northern lights with his tail by waving it in the sky.
Also our tours will be in little groups and the slogan is „relaxed Adventure“ which also fits the fox which is a calm but an efficient animal.
The „High X“ symbolizes the endless dynamics of humans, the endless possibilities and the endless beauty of nature.

The target group:

Our target group will be open-minded people which love nature, want to explore in an easy and calm way, interested in culture and history, which are maybe stressed and want to relax and still want to have an adventure. They will be mainly older than 35-38 years. The tours
won´t be cheap, we will show quality, especially with our personally guided groups. We will also offer AnimalWhatching (Bears,Whales,…), Coaching-Tours and Retreats.


So the main company values are adventure, relaxation, clarity, honesty and happiness.

Criterias for the Logo/Corporate Design:

The logo should be a bit more soft than hard.
It can be middled between intuitiv and intellectual.
It should be warm and casual, more personal than global.
The style should be reduced and more bright than dark.
We like individual style, not conservative and the company is innovativ.


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