Blue Octopus Pianoforte – Piano music composer logo

Background information for make Logo

Name to incorporate in the logo

Blue Octopus Pianoforte

Designs logo for Inspiration

Blue Octopus 1 1 300x300 Blue Octopus Pianoforte   Piano music composer logo


Gallery for Blue Octopus



Description of the organization and its target audience

The logo is for the personal piano composing/arranging label.
It will be used for twitter icon, youtube thumbnail, website image, and brand mark for our products, etc.

I’d prefer some taste of “piano” or “music” in my logo image.
For example, “octopus drinking a tea” is not preferable, but “octopus drinking a tea with a headphone” is good.

Basic Idea
Octopus “+1” may be better.
For example, octopus playing the piano, octopus sitting on the piano, octopus thinking a new music with feather pen, octopus which looks like a grand piano, octopus having a music note or G clef, etc…

I’d like to see the various unique and humorous ideas.
Please feel free to imagine!


Entertainment & The Arts

Other notes from CH

The logo image should have a high perceptibility, because it’s mainly used on web.
It is required that the logo can be recognized as “octopus” even in a small size, for example, the twitter icon size, without the caption “octopus”. (Too symbolic icons may not able to meet this requirement.)

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